Steve’s Run 19 October 2019

Setting out from home to get to the Garden Centre at Brock I was a little worried about the mist and fog patches I rode through. The visor went opaque several times and with the chilly air it was cold on the face riding with the visor open. However the sun broke through and the mist patches got fewer as I approached Brock at about 10:15. When I arrived those present were Steve and John. We knew some riders were at Stafford and others had given their apologies but as time passed we realised we were going to be the select few riders. Steve gave us a quick briefing on what the plan was and how the route had changed from his recce as there were many road closures in the Garsang and Oakenclough area. At 10:45 we started our bikes and set off up the A6 round Garstang to take the Scorton turn. Through Scorton, up Long Lane and over the fell to Marshaw. Here we noticed that the right turn to the Trough of Bowland was closed as well, a good job that route was not part of the plan! A left turn here took us over the hillside past Jubilee Tower where the mist had lifted significantly to give a good view over Morecambe Bay and the Wyre estuary where the tide appeared to be fully in. On then to Quernmore crossroads and down towards Caton but we turned up the Littledale Road to pass the Lonsdale Scout HQ and then down to Caton. Here we turned left towards Lancaster and shortly after found ourselves behind a Traffic Agency Speed Camera van which took the same turn up to the Crook o Lune picnic site where we stopped for a break. The camera van continued presumably to keep us all safe on the A6!

It was quite quiet here and a pleasant break after 30 miles of riding. Just after leaving the picnic site we turned into Halton Park and took the scenic ride across the park to the Kirkby Lonsdale Road. We turned right here towards Arkholme and from here rode into Whitington where we made a left turn towards Hutton Roof. We passed the timber yard on the way to Hutton Roof and the air was full of the scent of freshly cut pine logs. A right turn after the timber yard took us through Hutton Roof and on to the A65 between Lupton and Foulstone.

Here we turned right and a few hundred yards down the road I heard a car horn. Behind was a car and caravan so it didn’t seem to be anything to do with me so we continued on passing Kirkby Lonsdale and the Devils Bridge turn. Some time after this point we drew to a stop in traffic and the car with the caravan was flashing its lights behind me so a while later I decided to pull off into a layby to see if there was something wrong at the back of the bike. The car and caravan went by and hooted as it did so. There was nothing wrong with the bike so I continued to catch up with the others which I did so just after Ingleton. Perhaps it was another club member on his way home from the lakes. Mystery!

Just after Ingleton we pulled in to the Goat Gap Cafe for lunch. This was originally a Little Chef and wasn’t very busy, (could be the prices) so we had a pleasant rest before crossing the A65 and setting of for Clapham Station and Keasden to get to Gisburn Forest and Stocks Reservoir arriving in Slaidburn a short while later to discuss the last section of the run. It was decided that John would leave us at the Easington turn as Steve and I turned for Hurst Green so we set off for Newton in Bowland. John left us to go home via Easington and Steve and I rode on to Hurst Green via Cow Ark, Bashall Eaves, Great Mitton and down to Ribchester at Littletown finishing the ride at the Five Barred Gate Service Stn at Samlebury.

Thanks Steve for a lovely run, well planned and scenic routes and just the right stop frequency.