Richard’s Midweek Run 11th September

The day dawned wet and windy, but at Lytham by 09:30 it had stopped raining and was quite mild and with no one ringing to tell me they were dropping out I set off for Samlesbury. At Samlesbury Bob, John, Dave Y. and Peter had already arrived soon followed by Tony and Dave A. The weather was improving and patches of blue were appearing showing the forecasters were on the ball for a change. At 10:30 on the dot, just as we were preparing to leave, Dave W. and Graham arrived making nine in all.

After a short run east along the A59 to the lights before Copster Green we turned left to Ribchester and in the village turned right up the hill past the Halls Arms and the New Drop Inn towards the top of Jeffrey Hill. Just before the top of the hill my Sunbeam spluttered and popped a bit but kept running until we pulled into the lay-by at the top. I think it was plug fouling or overheating because after a 5 minute photo break and scenery view the bike started OK and showed no more problems all day.

Down the hill we went, turned left onto Rock Brow and then right down to the Chipping Road turning left to Chipping and passing the Gibbon Bridge Hotel. In Chipping we pulled up outside the Cobbled Corner Cafe which looked to be closed, but on inspection it was open and we placed our orders and sat outside in the now bright sunshine to have our drinks.

After a 15 minutes or so we re-mounted and set off up Matt Kiln brow past the mill lodge and the cheese factory and left past the Wolfen Inn. The roads here were covered in leaves and there were streams flowing across the lanes as we rode up to Startifants Road. It had obviously rained an awful lot overnight. We rode along the side of Bleasdale and joined the Oakenclough Road and then right onto Bleasdale Lane. The day was turning quite bright now and shortly after we turned into Delph Lane to travel over the fell to Oakenclough the whole of Morecambe bay was visible to our left.

As we approached the Fleece at Dolphinholm John rode past me and flagged me down. It appeared that my rear numberplate, that had been fixed to the bike for at least the last 20 years had decided it wanted to abandon ship and was hanging off. Dave came up with some some tywraps to hold it on but the holes were too small so he quickly came up with plan B, a short length of copper wire, and the problem was solved. On then to Galgate where we crossed the A6 and headed for Conder Green. Ahead we could see a tail back of cars and when we arrived at the tail end we could see a large flatbed truck towing a large trailer loaded with huge straw bales, 5 or 6 high. In fact it was so high it had difficulty getting under the trees and many large branches were torn from the trees as it passed under them, littering the road behind with sizeable boughs. We were glad we were well back from the truck as these branches falling could have caused a nasty accident. Eventually we arrived at Glasson Dock and had our various lunches sitting at the cafes or on the green. By now the sun was in a clear blue sky and it was quite hot.

After lunch we rode up to Thurnham, Cockerham and then Pilling where we turned off to Great Eccleston and St Michaels. As we approached the river Wyre we came up behind a large farm foods bulk tanker and were stuck behind it all the way to St Michaels. Bob commented afterwards, that a professional driver would have pulled over and let us pass, but no, he was king of the road! From St Michaels we took the short trip to Myerscough College Garden Centre Cafe for our final refreshment stop to conclude the run.

Sitting out in the garden in the bright and warm sunshine the dull and windy start to the day was but a distant memory and everyone agreed it had been a grand ride out.

Thanks everyone for turning up.