John M.’s run to Feizor.

13 members met at Barton Grange garden centre (Brock) on a lovely warm sunny morning. All were
on AJS or Matchless bikes and all raring to go! Tony collected the £1’s off everyone and we chewed
the cud for a bit and eventually we realised that John was waiting for us to say ‘let’s go!’ So we did.
He led us off via the usual route through Inglewhite to Longridge. Then, much to our surprise, he
took us straight through Longridge, then on to Clitheroe and across the A59 through Rimmington to
Gisburn where we had a coffee at Gisburn Park (very posh!)

John took us on a nice route through Paythorne and then across to Airton and then the long descent
into Settle. What a lovely road that is, narrow lanes, very twisty and great views of the limestone
escarpments. When we arrived at Feizor and had our orders taken we heard the unmistakeable
sound of another Ajay, and Steve H. came around the corner to join us. So 14 AMC bikes, not bad

While we were talking young Chris said he was a bit worried he might run out of fuel. He was riding
his Norton engine AJS hybrid with 2 gallon comp style tank. Quick as a flash John phones his missus
at the farm, ‘hi love could you leave a can of petrol at the end of the lane?’ Problem solved and
noted down to have fuel dumps at strategic points on our runs in future!

We carried on our run towards Bolton by Bowland and stopped at Holden Clough Nursery for ice
creams. This used to be the kitchen garden for the nearby Holden Clough House. Very pleasant it
was too sitting in the courtyard eating our ice creams while Tony inspected the wasp traps.
Meanwhile John I. and Rob were busy signing up a new member who owns a couple of AMC bikes
including a comp single.

After Clitheroe we returned via Walker Fold, Longridge and Inglewhite to Brock to reflect on the
day’s run and say our goodbyes. Tony and I rode to Preston, around the ring road and made good
progress arriving back home at about 5.45pm, having covered 153 miles on the day. Many thanks to
John M. for giving us a great day out on some very different roads than we would have normally
taken to Feizor. Great to have a bit of local knowledge!

Dave A.