Richard’s Run to Dent

10 riders set off on Richard’s run to Dent in Yorkshire, A pleasant, partly cloudy day to start with as we rode via roads less travelled through Cow Ark and Newton in Bowland to get the best scenic views on the way to our usual stopping place at Slaidburn. We then headed over the moors to Clapham via the Grizedale Forest/ Stocks reservoir/ Keasden road which has been recently re surfaced and was pleasant to ride over.

After a stop at Clapham for lunch under the now clear sky with the sun fully out we rode the narrow back road to Ingleton. The views to the west across to Bentham to Lowgill fell are superb. After riding through the narrow streets of Ingleton we we rode along the longest narrow road I had ever been on, with gates we had to open and close, magnificent scenery all the way. We arrived at Dent, which seems a very nice place where all the main streets are cobbled. Only a short stop here as parking is limited and up to Gawthrop and down the Barbondale Valley to Kirkby Lonsdale and Devils bridge. Another very beautiful valley. It was amazing how little traffic we encountered on the ride and when we did encounter an oncoming vehicle they were all very courteous and often pulled over for us to pass.

Here at Devils bridge a member was taken ill (was it the heat?) and after checkout by paramedics was pronounced OK to go but we had sensibly called for the recovery service to take the rider and bike home.
John Moon, said he would stay with the rider and bike until recovery arrived and we all departed, Richard led us all off via Whittington and Arkholme down the North side of the Lune Valley and promptly missed the turn off to Halton so we ended up in Carnforth and had to ride back to Slyne to pick up the original planned route home. At Quernmore he decided to call in at his Son’s house, but at the lane end when he stopped to talk to us his bike fell over and after two of us helped him to right it an impatient woman in a car, wanting to drive up the lane, got very aggressive as we were blocking her way. In the resulting chaos Dave dropped his bike on the terrible adverse camber and caused a further blockage during which words were exchanged between the impatient driver and some of the riders about being a bit sympathetic to the situation. It later transpired she was a visitor to the area who had even caused upset at the farm she was staying at!

Apart from the aggravation of the last section of the ride it was a great run out in lovely weather through some very picturesque countryside.


PS. The distressed rider arrived home just after 6pm with his bike and is fully recovered.