Richard K’s Run to Silverdale

11 riders turned up in drizzly conditions for Richard Ks run to Silverdale and at 10:30 we set off for the St Michaels Road from Bilsborrow and cut across country to Great Eccleston where we joined the A 586 Blackpool Garstang road and travelled up to Singleton and right towards Fleetwood. Right again to cross the Shard Bridge to Hambleton and left in the village to Wardleys Creek. Along this narrow lane we travelled and came across a horse being led that was a bit frisky so we all stopped to allow it to calm down before continuing. Following these narrow lanes we eventually arrived at the main road in Stalmine and turned towards Knott End. We didn’t go to the slipway Cafe but turned off to Pilling and travelled along some of the worst roads in the area for potholes and crumbling repairs before we reached the A588 where the surface was infinitely better. On then to Cockerham and finally Glasson Dock for a tea break at the cafe alongside the dock.

Having had refreshments and rested a while we came out to wet saddles and some donned their waterproofs. On then through Conder Green to Lancaster and up the A6 to Carnforth. Here we turned left and ended up behind a nervous driver who rarely got to 30 mph. Eventually they turned off and we turned into The Row at Leighton Moss. Here we came to a large obstruction, namely the bin wagon collecting the rubbish. Hey lads its Saturday! They pulled over and let us through with a wave. A left turn at the Silver Saplings car park took us up to the Woodlands Hotel where we spent the next hour chatting with the locals and enjoying drinks and lunch.

A photo shoot before leaving under brightening skies and then off to Beetham via Hazelslack and then on through the Yealands back to Carnforth.

We stopped at the toilets in Carnforth but had to continue without spending a penny as the machine in the door was too full of coins! Four riders left the group here and the remaining 7 crossed the A6 and then turned right to travel to Over Kellet and Nether Kellet and then to Halton, crossing the Lune to Caton. By now the skies were brighter and the roads drying out so it was quite pleasant as we passed through Quernmore to Dolphinholme and on towards Scorton. Here Richard took a scenic route past Fell View Park taking us through the ford at Tithe Barn Brook where Dave had a slippery moment and Richard found a deep hole in the bed of the brook! A bit of confusion occurred here and there along this route with John getting an insect in his helmet and then we lost our leader at one turn. We regrouped and headed down to the A6 and on to the Myerscough Cafe which had just shut! So without more refreshments we said our goodbyes and all headed home after a 100 mile run.

Thanks to Richard K for reconnoitering the route to avoid the road works that seem to be everywhere these days (we could do with some around Pilling!) and for leading us on a very pleasant ride.