Welcome to this site!! If you live in the North West of England and have an interest in classic motorcycles but especially those of the AJS and Matchless (or any AMC marque) then you have come to the right place.

We are a group of enthusiasts that either own, have owned, would like to own or just have an interest in classic AJS & Matchless motorcycles. The parent company of these machines Associated Motor Cycles Ltd (AMC) collapsed in 1966, so these machines are mostly 50 years old or more.

We believe in keeping these examples of the British automotive history as part of an active road going experience for not only ourselves, but as an experience that can be shared with everyone. In order to promote this and enjoy our machines by using them as they were meant to be used we have a programme of events which we stage and/or attend each year.

There is also a social side to the sections activities with monthly meetings and regular runs out through the year.



Charnock Richard Football Club

55 Charter Lane PR7 5LZ 

Charnock Richard

On the first THURSDAY of the month starting at 8.00pm.

We are always happy to welcome anyone who has an interest in the AJS & Matchless machines so please feel free to come along to one of our meetings. A typical meeting will provide time for general chat, problem solving discussions, sales, part wants and event planning.


John R’s Run 5th October 2019

John R’s Run 5th October 2019 After trepidation at club night over the weather for John’s run I was pleased to arrive in dry but overcast conditions to find 10 other members assembled for the run. Just before we set off number 12 arrived, having taken a slight detour...

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John’s Run to Kettlewell

John’s Run to Kettlewell 21 Sept 2019 Eight members started off from the Bluebird Hotel, Samlesbury, on a lovely sunny day and headed up the A59 until we turned off at Chatburn, went into the village and turned left along some lovely lanes to Rimington and on to...

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John M.’s run to Feizor.

John M.’s run to Feizor. 13 members met at Barton Grange garden centre (Brock) on a lovely warm sunny morning. All were on AJS or Matchless bikes and all raring to go! Tony collected the £1’s off everyone and we chewed the cud for a bit and eventually we realised that...

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Richard’s midweek Run 11th September

Richard’s midweek Run 11th September

Richard’s Midweek Run 11th September The day dawned wet and windy, but at Lytham by 09:30 it had stopped raining and was quite mild and with no one ringing to tell me they were dropping out I set off for Samlesbury. At Samlesbury Bob, John, Dave Y. and Peter had...

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